Training camp

Training camp shall be organized 10th – 13th of April (just before Easter4). Training will be possible on Cres island, Croatia, as well as Kras region, Slovenia.

The preliminary program:

T1 10.3. AM Intro, Tramuntana (Cres island)

T2 10.3. PM Multi-O, Tramuntana (Cres island)

T3 11.3. AM middle, Maslinici (Cres island)

T4 11.3. PM sprint intervals, Cres town (Cres island)

T5 12.3. AM middle with reduced map (contours + important objects), Tramuntana (Cres island)

T6 12.3. PM long legs (route choices), Tramuntana (Cres island)

T7 13.3. middle, Črnotiče (Slovenia)

For more information check EASTER CAMP 2017 Invitation.