Thank you, next races, and some interesting material ;)

The very first edition of Easter4 is now behind us. We hope that you enjoyed 3 very different karst terrain types! Big thanks to everyone for making this event a nice one! A few people already asked about Easter4 in 2017. Yes, it will be organized, obviously on Easter weekend + Friday and Monday. At this moment we cannot say for sure where it will be held, but definitely in some interesting terrain ;).

If you cannot wait for the whole year, then solution is simple – come to OOcup/2016 in July. This will be a great race – 5 days in 3 countries, on challenging alpine terrain of Slovenia, Italy and Austria! An event not to be missed (already 1090 entries received)! Website:

Alpejskie jezioro-Laghi di fusine


Then, below you can find links to presentations of GPS analysis for the first 3 days made by Jan Kocbach. We have discussed these yesterday evening in Hotel Malovec, but if you missed it make sure to check the following links! For anyone interested in mastering karst terrain this is highly recommended:


Day1 – M21E

Day2 – W21E

Day2 – M21E

Day 3 – W21E

Day3 – M21E


Lastly, two nice photos of the overall winners of Elite classes:

Max Peter BejmerMax Peter Bejmer – surprising, but clearly the best runner in M21E – winning 3 stages of 4, all with big margins…

simonaSimona Aebersold – overall victory with over 27 minutes.


See you around,