What a race! ANALYSIS on Sunday, 20:30, Hotel Malovec!

What a race today. Both winners in Elite classes did a great race, Simona Aebersold winning by over 5 minutes margin and Max Peter Bejmer by over 4 minutes! While Simona’s victory was somewhat expected, Max Peter was a great surprise in M21E, class which has some big names on the list! It will be very interesting to see what is happening tomorrow in Podgrad!

We have some interesting GPS data and we will get more on stages 2 & 3. It will be great to analyze it with Jan Kocbach on Sunday, 20:30 in Hotel Malovec in Divača. Everyone is very welcome, elite runners, juniors and all interested in mastering karst terrain! The topics will be the following:

– GPS and split time analysis from Easter4 2016 Elite classes
– Short discussion on  orienteering in Karst terrain
– Short introduction to Woosplits and 2DRerun for race analysis

See you tomorrow!